Si l'île Maurice n'est pas le paradis, elle y ressemble

Si  l'île Maurice n'est pas le paradis, elle y ressemble

VIP Stamp card window

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So I hopped into the store and bought  the $1.99 30 gem set three times. This also was supposed to give me my 110th horseshoe stamp and give me however many gems. Like 100 or something extra.But, after buying the last 30 gems, the app crashed when the vip stamp card came up. When I started the game back up, I still had the gems that I bought, none of the bonus stamp gems. And I can't seem top find out how to pull up the stamp card without having to purchase something first.If I could get some advice on how to proceed or some kind of help, that would be awesome. If I can't be helped, Then can someone walk me through on figuring out how to get a refund?

Please help.

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Hello I'm sorry but I do not understand your problem
If it is a tax refund, you must present the document that you received at the time of your purchase and present it at the customs and if that is not your problem, then clearly explain your problem
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